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*One redemption of each trial  per new customer aged  21 &  above .

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Lifting and Firming 提拉紧肤与抗老

 Eliminates Wrinkles & Fine Lines 消除皱纹与细纹

✔ Restore Skin Elasticity 恢复肌肤弹性

✔ Stimulate Collagen Regeneration 刺激胶原蛋白新生

Skin Moisturization & Hydration 滋润保湿

Visible result instantly ! 效果显著 !

🍯V-Lift Korean Facial with combination special formula provides nutrients,  strengthen skin structure , moisture & skin hydration, makes your face looks more solid & V-Lifting effect result instantly!



Trial Package includes :  ( *While Stock lasts *T&C ) 

FREE : 1x Skin Care Travel Kit + Welcome Drink







Session Breakdown: ( +/- 120 mins )

​🌟​Korean Scalp Massage ( 해독 )
🌟Double Deep Cleansing

🌟Exfoliate with Control Cream


🌟RF Face Lifting & Fat dissolving 

🌟Collagen Pudding Mask 

🌟Shoulder Massage


护理疗程: ( +/- 120 分钟 )







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